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On 8 June 2018 Belgium was elected to the Security Council by the UN General Assembly, with 181 votes (out of 193 UN Member States). This is Belgium's 6th term in the Council (1947-48, 1955-56, 1971-72, 1991-92, 2007-08). The mandate lasts two years (2019-2020) and started on January 1, 2019. 

Belgium joins the 5 permanent members (China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, USA), 5 non-permanent members elected in 2017 (mandate 2018-2019: Ivory Coast, Equatorial Guinea, Peru, Kuwait, Poland) and 4 non-permanent members also elected in June 2018 (Germany, Dominican Republic, South Africa, Indonesia). During Belgium’s previous term on the Council, the country already served together with South Africa and Indonesia (2007-2008) as well as with Peru (2007).

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