Permanent Mission of Belgium to the UN

Permanent Mission of Belgium to the UN



As a founding member of the United Nations, Belgium has always approached it as the effective tool for multilateralism in order to respond to the increasing number of challenges. It is a great privilege for me to serve my country and the international community along this line. This I do with conviction, the help of my entire team and in close collaboration with all of my colleagues.

H.E. Mr. Marc Pecsteen de Buytswerve - Permanent Representative of Belgium 

Welkom  -  Bienvenue 

Founding member of the United Nations, Belgium is candidate for a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council (2019-2020). Learn more on:



18 Jul

Today, during a United Nations High-Level Political Forum in New York, Belgium presents an evaluation report on the efforts our country is undertaking in order to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals. These seventeen goals aim to exclude extreme poverty worldwide by 2030 and to protect our planet. The report is the result of an intense and inclusive process involving the Federal Government, the federated entities and a large number of civil-society organizations.

18 Jul

High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, New York, UN: Belgian National Statement by Deputy Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

13 Jul

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Didier Reynders announces that, this year, Belgium voluntarily contributes € 450 000 in support of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The funds will support the peaceful uses of nuclear technology. Concretely, Belgium will contribute € 250 000 to radiotherapy and nuclear medicine programs and € 200 000 to the modernization of the IAEA laboratories.

12 Jul

Exactly 100 years ago today, on July 12th, 1917, the first large-scale mustard gas attack in human history took place on Belgian territory in Ieper. This chemical weapon caused numerous deaths and scarred other victims for life. Today, chemical ammunition is still being found on the battlefields of the First World War. Belgium continues to destroy significant amounts of these weapons and has recently invested in the acquisition of new equipment to continue its dismantlement activities.

11 Jul

Speech of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development Cooperation Alexander De Croo at the Family Planning Summit in London.